Advantages of Frameless Cabinets

Advantages of Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets represent the latest evolution in cabinet design.

The old way of making a cabinet involved building a thin frame to outline the front of the cabinet to add strength, However, it comes at a cost. 

First, the opening to the cabinet is smaller.

Second, creating this frame requires additional labor and material, which in turn often raises the price of the cabinet.

It is quite common for cabinet makers to use particle board for cabinet construction and/or thin material on the back of cabinet. This construction practice actually may necessitate the use of a face frame to add back strength that is lost by using these lesser materials.

However, in our testing, our frameless cabinet that is made with full 3/4 inch plywood, including the back, is superior to a traditionally made cabinet with a face frame. One customer quipped "This thing is a tank!"

When a cabinet maker uses state of the art modern construction techniques, frameless cabinets can be produced with significantly lower labor, by omitting unnecessary steps. This saves our customer money.

The end result is a cabinet that is not outdated, looks great, lasts longer, and costs less. It's clear to see why face frame cabinets are becoming less and less popular and frameless cabinets are taking over the industry. 

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